EXPLAINED: Surf Ranch Scoring Format

Jason Lock

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Updated 134d ago

The first ever world tour event in Kelly Slater/WSL's wonder park is happening this weekend. And just yesterday, the WSL revealed how the scoring will work - and it's a little different than what you may have seen before.

So, let's break that down. Overall, each of the 54 athletes (36 men and 18 women) surfs six waves, that's three lefts and three rights over three runs. One run per day, so three runs in total for the qualifying rounds. They'll surf one left and one right consecutively. Their best right and best left will be combined to give an overall score. For the third run, though, the athletes will be re-seeded by total in reverse order.

Got it so far? After the third run, each athlete will take their top left and top right wave of their total six surfed and the top eight men and top four women will advance into the finals.

Complicated? On the fourth day, aka finals day, each surfer will get another six waves, three lefts and three rights over three runs, one left and right consecutively. The best right and best left will be combined to give a total score, and the surfer with the highest total will be the first ever Surf Ranch champion.

There you go. In total, 396 waves will be ridden – and of course, there's no one on one heats. It's surfer vs wave, really, and the added pressure of a stadium setting? Or what about the fact that spectators and surfers will be sitting/surfing amongst a forecast 38 degrees C heat. It's enough to make you quiver. Will you be watching? We'll be there, so come sip an ice cold chiller with us.