Favorites Take Control before Kana Miss Cup Finals Tomorrow

HOURTIN, France (Saturday, August 16, 2008) - Top seeds fired for Day 2 of the Kana Miss Cup in Hourtin and some exciting action took place in the contestable fun three foot (one meter) waves breaking at the event main venue. Round 2 and Quarterfinals were wrapped today and three heats remain before the champion is crowned tomorrow afternoon.

Big scores and upsets brought serious pressure today, last eve,ts' winners Alizee Arnaud (FRA) and Pauline Ado (FRA) posting respectively the best and second heat results of the day to secure their Semifinal spot for tomorrow's showdown.

Alizee Arnaud (FRA), who won the ASP Grade-1 Pro Junior event in Sopelana two weeks ago, came up with her custom power surfing skills to win her Round 2 encounter with a solid 16.67 point heat tally (out of a possible 20) before getting through Quarterfinal No. 4 with a second place finish.

"We had some excellent waves today," Arnaud said. "It was a bit difficult with the higher tide but things went my way and that barrel in Round 2 was really a good ride. I am focused on winning here and I will be ready for the Semifinals."

Arnaud, who is slowly climbing up the ratings since her victory in the Basque Country, will be looking forward to grabbing the opportunity given by her friend and ratings' leader Johanne Defay (REU) who lost today.

"Johanne (Defay) is a good friend of mine so I am not happy she lost," Arnaud said. "There is still plenty of events coming up but that opportunity is good for us to catch up ratings' wise."

Top seeded reigning ASP European Women's Junior champion Pauline Ado (FRA) and ASP European Women's champion Lee-Ann Curren (FRA) will face one another in Semifinal No. 1 when competition resumes.

Ado, who wo the last event in Lacanau, will go for a second consecutive crown in a week and seems in top form after her perfromance today. Ado won both heats she surfed in today and challenged her opponents with great consistency and tactics to get a spot for the showdown.

"The contest has been great thus far and I have had some good heats," Ado said. "The conditions changed from the morning to the afternoon and I did not surf as good but I am stoked to eliminate Johanne (Defay) because the event is a 2-Star rated and it is crucial for the ratings."

Ado, who is looking to conquer an unprecedent third regional junior crown this year, remains a leading competitor and potential winner every event she attends.

"Still lots of events coming up but it is good to get points every time and stay in contention," Ado said. "I have great boards and I just need to push my level and surf well. I am feeling good at the moment."

The upset of the day came with current ratings' leader Johanne Defay's (REU) elimination in Quarterfinal No. 2 by Ado and outsider Idoia Meabe (EUK). Defay, who took control of the regional ratings two events ago, could lose her leadership tomorrow.

"I am really disappointed not only fo that defeat but for the ratings as well," Defay said. "The waves changed a lot today and it got soft, the kind of conditions i don't really like. I am still focused on the end-of-the-year top 5 and I have two events coming up before I fly back home in Reunion Island."
Three heats remain and surfers will meet at 11 AM (GMT+2) to get things going tomorrow.

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