Favorites Take Control on 28-Heat Marathon-Day at San Sebastian

SAN SEBASTIAN, Basque Country (Friday, July 25, 2008) - It was
antoher day of intense action at the ASP Grade-1 Vans Pro Junior
with all Round 3 remaining heats and Round 4 being completed in
the two foot (0.5 meter) waves on offer at San Sebastian. From
newcomers to favorites, all under-21 surfers still in contention
for the crown paddled out in front of a massive cheering crowd
to try and advance through to Round 5 which will feature eight
four-man battles when competition resumes tomorrow.

Damien Chaudoy (REU), 18, was today's best performer in the
Basque waters of San Sebastian. Chaudoy, one of three Reunion
Island born surfers currently in the regional ratings' Top 10,
posted an impressive 17.50 point heat score (out of a possible
20) including an excellent 9.33 point ride (out of a possible
10) to advance through to Round 5 where he will meet Medi
Veminardi (REU), Justin Delanne (FRA) and Yann Martin (GLP).

"I feel really well after this great start in the event",
Chaudoy said. "I am usually not at ease in such small waves but
I had the bombs and it went really well. I was able to pull a
couple of new school tricks during the heat and I love to have
the opportunity to do so

Chaudoy, who is chasing his maiden qualification for the ASP
World Junior Championships (WJC) this year, is currently rated
No. 7 and hopes for a good result in the Vans Pro Junior to jump
back in the leading pack (Top 5 surfers automatically qualify
for the ASP WJC).

"I am confident and I will not be looking at any figures or
", Chaudoy said. "I don't even know who I will be surfing
against in Round 5, I will find out tomorrow and just surf my
best. I will try and keep this approach all season.

Maxime Huscenot (REU), 16, current ASP European Junior leader
and winner of the ASP Grade-4 Santa Surf Pro Junior in the
Canary Islands in June, was much expected for his start in the
Vans Pro Junior and the natural footer (left foot in front on
his board) did not miss his opening heat. Huscenot easily won
his Round 4 battle finishing with a solid 14.84 point heat tally
(out of a possible 20) including an excellent 8.13 point ride
(out of a possible 10).

"I was a bit under pressure yesterday because I haven't been in
excellent form lately
", Huscenot said. "The sand bank is not
that great but there was potential to get things done today. I
focused on my wave choice very carefully and tried to get all
maneuvers done well.

Huscenot, who has been dominating the Association of Surfing
Professionals (ASP) European Junior Tour since the beginning of
the year, has all chances to conquer his maiden ASP regional
title this year and knows the upcoming events will be crucial.

"I am not stressed or anyhting but I want to have fun and enjoy
my time
", Huscenot said. "I am not used to surfing such slow
conditions but I have some larger boards so I guess it will do.
I hope we can still have some contestable waves this weekend

Pierre-Valentin Laborde (FRA), a former ASP World Junior No. 5
and usual Top 10 regional athlete, was another standout on Day 2
of the Vans Pro Junior. Laborde, 17, who is seen as one of the
most promissing French competitors, destroyed the small tricky
conditions to best outsider and serious title contender Eduardo
Fernandes (PRT).

"I was stoked to start the heat with an 8.33 straight away",
Valentin said. "It was a great boost for my confidence and it
helped me win this first heat today. The atmosphere is crazy
here and the huge crowds around makes it fantastic

Laborde, who missed the qualification for the 2007 ASP World
Junior Championships last year after finishing 7th on the
overall European ratings, aims at a Top 5 finish this year and
will be a serious contender for the Vans Pro Junior crown.

"I would love to make the final at least", Valentin said. "I
don't want to put any pressure on myself but I have a good old
board for these waves and I feel I can surf good. I will take it
heat after heat

The current domination of French under-21 surfers over ASP's
European ratings was confirmed again today as all favorites
including Jules Thomet (FRA), Marc Lacomare (FRA) and Medi
Veminardi (REU) managed to get through their respectve heats.
Lacomare, who clinched the ASP Grade-3 Rip Curl Pro Junior in
Portugal at the beginning of the season, is looking for another
solid result this year to get back in the title's race.

Yesterday's high scorer Igor Muniain (EUK) lost in a low scoring
heat. Muniain, who flew the Basque flag with an impressive 16.50
point heat score on Day 1 of the Vans Pro Junior, was eliminated
by Joachim Guichard (DEN) and Justin Delanne (FRA) in the small
conditions not suiting his surfing.

Jatyr Berasaluce (EUK), current ASP European Junior No. 5 and
best Basque surfer of the season so far, found his way out of
Round 4 as well and will be the crowd's favorite when Round 5
resumes tomorrow. All 32 remaining competitors will meet at Noon
(GMT+2) Saturday, July 26.

The Vans Pro Junior is webcast LIVE at www.aspeurope.com