Fergal Smith – Growing – County Mayo Ep1

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Episode 1 of Line9's series Growing sees Fergal heading back to his roots in County Mayo where he learnt to surf and discovered his passion for organic growing.

If you are expecting the usual surf drill then look away, Fergal is now an organic farmer who rides big waves. He's even sworn off flying, meaning that most of his big wave surfing will be close to home.

"Ferg lives 100% of his land, and isn't into flying." Tom Lowe told us "He's evolved into a true giver, both to the planet and the people around him – he has a sense of wholeness in himself which is hard to find in a person. He's a very unselfish man, thinking about the big picture a little more than most. Life is all about being in the present moment and Ferg really does live that, he's very refreshing to be around."

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