Fergal Teahupoo Session

FERGAL Smith Teahupoo strike ended-up scoring for days at the End of the Road. Two swells, back-to-back, culminated in some Father's Day fireworks.

In picking off some of the best paddle waves of swell two (June 18th) Ferg flew the Irish flag in front of Laird of Teahupoo and local tour stalwart Michel Bourez. One of surfing's most laid back individuals didn't seem to be phased by the whole deal.

"I love Tahiti" Said he. "It's one place where I will drop everything for and that's pretty much what we had to do. With Cold Pro cancelled I figured it must have been a sign for us to go. It was such a fun swell, perfect glassy 8/10ft waves and having Tom and Mickey out there it was a really cool buzz. I stayed on another couple weeks for a second swell which was good as well. It's just such a good wave!"

Ferg's currently enjoying his annual West Oz summer holiday, tucking into 'fun' waves a dusty world away from Ireland.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley