Fickle yet Fullfilling, Ireland with Cain Kilcullen

It's almost a badge of honour to say you've taken a trip to the wild West Coast of Ireland and surfed the Atlantic in its rawest state. But what about the home grown talent? They live it and breathe it on a day to day basis. Weeks of angry weather and out-of-control seas for the odd hour of perfection.

We have caught up with Cain Kilcullen, seen by most in Ireland as one of the best Irish surfers to come from these awe inspiring shores. Cain is a quiet guy, who generally lets his surfing do the talking. We asked him a couple of questions to determine what life's like for a dedicated surfer from the Emeral Isle.

Interview by Luke Hart.

Hi Cain, how's it going?

All good boss, sun's out.

Been getting a few waves in the stormy season?

Yeah its been a good December for a change. Plenty of fun sessions.

Been a cold season? How do you deal with the weather and temperature over there in the winter?

It's been OK so far. I'm not good with the cold but you kinda just deal with it. When the surf is pumping it's easy, it's the short dark days that get to me the most.

I'm not good with the cold but you kinda just deal with it. When the surf is pumping it's easy, it's the short dark days that get to me the most.

So what do you do when there are no waves?

Try to keep busy! I might do a bit of training or I might go for a pint if I have my work done.

A pint of the cream must go down a treat after a cold hard day in the depths of winter!

Yep for sure. Sat beside the fire in my local when its gale force winds outside, it's hard to match.

Ok so down to business, what's your plan over the next few months? I know you and Fionn Rogers have been working on a few clips, do you have a plan for where you're taking them? Big waves, turns, airs, growing a beard and surfing a single fin. All the above?

I just want to make the most of the next few months. I'm happy out trying anything, towing, paddling into some lumps or surfing all the fun waves around my home. I'm lucky to have someone to film for sure. I'm working on a project with Peter Clyne as well for the whole winter, so that should be fun.

When can we expect to see the next instalment from you guys then?

Well Fionn is going away on Feb 3 so we just have to see what happens over the next few weeks. I want Gman and some of the boys from Easky who all surf Fourth surfboards to be in the next edit because they all surf real good.

That would be cool to see all the local shredders in a clip. Ok man well anything you wanna add or any shout outs you wanna do before we wrap it up?

Just to Billabong and Lunasurf for helping me and fourth surfboards for keeping me keen on sick boards also FCS for the new fins!!!

*One of the unsung heroes of Irish surfing, Caino remains as fluid and calm out the water as he is on a wave. Tune into his next episode to see more from the man who picks seaweed for a living and shreds the shit out of it when there's surf.