First Look: Wavegarden's Clear Blue Barrel with New Tech

Jason Lock

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Updated 200d ago

The first image from Wavegarden's The Cove technology in full action has just been revealed showing a small, barrelling clear blue wave.

Time will tell if it's going to compete with Kelly's wave pool. But this new revamped Wavegarden claims to produce 1000 waves an hour, as we reported first a few months back. That's 16 and a half-ish waves a minute. Currently, Surf Snowdonia and N-Land Texas can pump out a wave every one to three minutes, albeit not as critical a wave as Slater's Lemoore machine. And, let's face it, Kelly's internet breaking wave may have sparked wave pools across the globe to rethink the way they're working.

And here it is, The Cove in action.

And here it is, The Cove in action.

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And let's just think about this – 1000 waves an hour. How's that going to work? We are intrigued. A sled pushing through the water like the original Wavegarden design probably isn't going to cut it, given the time it takes to reset, wait for the water to settle and go again.

Then there's the design of The Cove, a diamond shaped arena. How will it deal with backwash? Bods at the Wavegarden claim it can and will but full details are tightly under guard right now.

How the Cove could look.

How the Cove could look.

Oh, that may sound a little cynical but figuring out backwash is a huge factor in how this is going to work. If Wavegarden's cracked it, then this could be something special, especially if it means a quality consistent wave inland for the surf-starved, or even a solid training facility ahead of surfing in the Olympics.

Currently, URBNSurf over in Australia are planning to utilise The Cove at planned facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Meanwhile in the UK, Scotland is lined up for a wavepool as well.