BREAKING: First Words from Alex Botelho After Horror Nazare Accident

Jason Lock

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Updated 216d ago

Last month, Portuguese big wave hellman Alex Botelho got launched off the back of a jetski at Nazare before getting perhaps the worst pounding we've ever seen. Alex was rushed up the beach and was seen to immediately by medical staff, the incident beamed to viewers across the world.

And then...nothing. We got reports from the ground that Alex was stable and had been taken to hospital but that was about it. Anything else was speculation, so since that day in February, we've all been hoping for an update.

This morning, Alex took to Instagram to say he's been off social for a while and was focussing on recovery, adding he'd been in intensive care before heading home to work on getting better.

“I had an accident at Nazare, I was hospitalised for over two weeks,” he says. “First in intensive care then I got back home and been completely focussed on recovery.

“Still far away from 100 per cent full recovery but it's looking real good. Thanks to everyone who has sent messages. It's been overwhelmingly positive. It really helped me to get through this time.”

The incident.

Alex also used the chance to mention the ongoing pandemic: “We all need to unite and take responsibility for our actions to not contaminate anymore. It effects everyone. We need to take more responsibility about this. Stay at home and take as much precaution as possible. Hopefully we can all be outside and enjoy it all again soon.”

Fair point. Get well soon Alex!