Flexi-Time: The Xcel Infiniti Comp Review

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The Xcel Infiniti Comp prioritises flexibility and performance whilst keeping the fundamental features we like to see in mid-range 3mm suits.

Hugh Bradner (inventor of the wetsuit) tried to sell the EDCO Sub-Mariner fullsuit for $75 back in 1952. He might be pretty surprised by this one, which costs about one fifth of the price in relative terms. The key feature here is maximum flexibility facilitated by a huge panel running from just under the chest zip, to just under the knees and stretching right around the back of the wetsuit.

Click play for our full review of the suit from our man Ben. You can get the suit online here

*Disclaimer: We’re not paid to say any of this and we only talk about product we’ve held, worn, stretched and sniffed. This is a choice based upon our experience and knowledge, it’s not a comprehensive review conducted in a science lab, but it is honest and independent. Unlike the marketing based wetsuit guides you see elsewhere, we are not cut and pasting a manufacturer’s description attached to an advertising spend.