Footage of West Oz Shark Attack Emerges

Jason Lock

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Updated 548d ago

WARNING: Footage contains graphic images

By now, you'll know of the two shark attacks near Gracetown in West Oz and that the WSL has called off the Margaret River Pro, just up the coast.

But, last night, footage emerged of one of the attacks. Jason Longgrass had been in the water when a shark approached him and bit into his board. As you can see at the end of the vid, Jason's ok and was treated for minor injuries. And forgive the over dramatisation of the incident, but it is a local news report.

Of course, surfing in WA, sharks are part and parcel of the experience. Long has it been known that they're not mindless killers a la Jaws or any other Hollywood adaptation of men in grey suits. Here's hoping both surfers make a full recovery.