Four Weeks Surfing Reunion Island with Adrien Toyon

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Yep, surfing Reunion Island is still prohibited. A total of 27 fatal shark attacks saw to the closing of the coastline – but for those who grew up there, they can remember spending 12 plus hours in the water without incident.

Adrien Toyon is a Reunion native, though spends his time packing heavily-dressed kegs off France's south western shores. However, a few months back, Adrien jumped ship and jetted back to the Indian Ocean for a full four weeks worth of playful surf.

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“I was super excited to go back,” he says. “Yet a bit scared at the same time as it’s no secret that the shark threat is very real.

“Anyway, when I got there the usual thing happened, 3ft St Leu summer swell shows up and is more welcoming than ever, I stand by the fact that St Leu is one of the best waves in the Indian ocean.

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“I paddle straight out and enjoy the waves with my long-time friends and trying to understand how to surf St Leu on a twinny, an easy take off and perfect wall all the way to the inside bowl.

“Next thing you know, I am in the plane back to the old Continent. It was amazing to spend a few weeks over there, hang with my friends that still surf despite the sharks, there is only a few of them... but catching waves and having fun, it was almost like the good old days.”