Fun Sized Tubes at Nazaré

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It's been said that there's more to Nazaré than just XXL waves and that it's actually a fun place to surf when it's not the best part of 100ft.

Pedro Boonman scored a pretty fun looking session there this winter, but keen eyed observers might notice a change in the light, that's because this single session went on for a long time, punctuated by board breaks. Two broken sticks from this little wave to be exact. It seems that the friendlier side to Nazaré's personality is still well capable of baring a little teeth.

"This was a fun session not a super session," recalls Pedro. "But I broke 2 boards, after surfing for like 5 hours."

Evidence of the power of Nazare, even at head high

Evidence of the power of Nazare, even at head high

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All sessions from this swell are eligible for The Winter Session. The holding period kicked off on Oct 1st and runs through till Feb 2015. To enter download the sting HERE and send your 90 second edit via to: and we'll do the rest.

The Winter Session 2014/15 won by Jeremy Flores

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