GALLERY: Astronaut's Insane Surf Images From the International Space Station


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Let's face it, the majority of us aren't going to outer space. Unless you got the moolah to jump in with Richard Branson, or build your own rocket, we're locked to this green/blue Earth – no complaints mind, given there's actually surfable waves here.

But what if you're a surfer who also doubles up as an astronaut, how d'ya get your kicks? Well, take a page out of Christina Koch's book – astronaut slash surfer who has been inhabiting the humble confines of the International Space Station since March of this year and will be there until February 2020. That's a long time out of the drink.

But Koch has been filling her time with the ultimate mind surfing activity; taking stunning images of your (and mine!) favourite surf spots all across the globe. And what better vantage point to watch a long period swell fill into the coastline, than sitting 408kms above the world?

And if Koch's images are anything to go by, the astronaut's a fan of the pro surfing circuit, posting prior to certain events about how the surf's looking from an eye way up in the sky. Koch, a flight engineer, launched with the crew of expedition 59 and will transfer over to the crew of expedition 60 when they arrive next month – and could set the record for the longest time a woman has spent in space. Anyway, enjoy the show and follow Christina HERE.