Gerry Lopez Samples First Left at Kelly Slater's Wave Pool

Jason Lock

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Updated 84d ago

“That's the future bro,” states Gerry Lopez, now the first person to sample a near-perfect left hander at Kelly Slater's Wave Ranch.

It was last year that Slater dropped the sledge-hammer on the surfing world by unveiling his Lemoore fun park, inviting a contingent of celeb pals to sample the goods.

Now, it's taken the route of full inclusivity by adding a left – goofy foots rejoice. “It's as pure as it gets,” adds Gerry. “Kelly has created the quintessential perfect wave.”

It didn't take long for competitors to take notice. Soon after, Wavegarden unveiled their Cove technology, an upgraded version of their artificial wave technology, and notice the colour. Both pools have migrated from dirty browns to tropical hues.

The WSL purchased Kelly's wave ranch soon after its unveiling – which sparked rumours that we could see a potential CT or QS event take place there.