Glide into the Fishing Heritage for their surfing summer exhibition

The exhibition, on show from Saturday, June 28 to Sunday, September 7 in the museum's Muriel Barker gallery, looks at how both these elements have been combined over the past few centuries.

A visual feast of paintings, posters, photography and film, visitors can marvel at early sketches of surfers during the voyages of Captain James Cook in the 18th century and inspect iconic hand sculpted wooden surfboards.

Moving into the 20th century, the exhibition looks at the flower power of the 1960s and the garish fluorescent colours of the 1980s.

This exciting show has been put together by Brighton-based not for profit organisation, The Surfing Museum and is sponsored by the clothing company Oxbow and the Wavedreamer graphics team in North Devon.

Peter Robinson, Director of The Surfing Museum, said: "Surfing is part of everyday culture in the UK today; its imagery is the marketing person's dream come true."

"It is something that has always captured the public's imagination, probably because of its innovation, free flowing form and laid back lifestyle."

Councillor Steve Hocknell is delighted that the Fishing Heritage Centre is hosting this exhibition which is ideal for the summer season. He said: "We hope residents and tourists to the region will enjoy this vibrant and informative show which is unique to the area."

Surfing Museum

The Surfing Museum is a not for profit organisation and is opening Britain's first full time surfing museum by 2010. It is currently the only surfing museum project in Europe.

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The museum director and exhibition organiser is Peter Robinson, a 47-year-old award winning ITV journalist and manager for ITV's broadband TV service Peter is a dedicated British surfer.

Other surfing items on display

British surfboards dating back almost a century featuring art and sculptural form. It will be complemented by an eclectic mix of memorabilia showing amazing artwork from the creative minds of surfers and those drawn to this ancient pastime.

Also on show will be stunning replicas of ancient Hawaiian surfboards hand carved by the Tom Pohaku Stone - a lecturer in Hawaiian culture and surfer of legendary status.

Museum Entry

Standard entry to the museum which includes the Muriel Barker gallery costs £6 for adults, £4 for concessions, and £2 for children, with family tickets available at £12 for two adults and up to five children.

The museum is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays 10.30am to 5.30pm.