Glowing Green Featuring Matt Banting

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Matt Banting hitting the high notes at home during a hiatus from the WQS qualification grind. Isn't it grand when the swell smiles on your holiday?

"This is a clip we worked on in between the Prime events in Brazil and South Africa." Matt told us. "We were really lucky to score fun waves around home with only myself and a mate out. We had two weeks of 3 to 4ft swell which made it a good time to be at home and get all surfed-out before hitting the road for 6 weeks. Right now I am in the States for the US Open and looking back on the waves we had at home keeps me psyched for the small and crowded Huntington slop (although Trestles was super fun today). You never get the same feeling when surfing away as you do at your local break."

Shot and edited by Jimmy Graham
Additional footage, Shane Fletcher

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley