Griffin Colapinto On This Mind-Bending Pipe Wave

Jason Lock

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There were many incredible moments out of the Pipeline Valentine's weekend swell. But one image really struck as being the defining moment of the swell. Griffin Colapinto's incredible back-side tube was next level stuff - and the story behind it is kinda bittersweet fo Griff.

“That day was crazy,” he said. “I’m staying with Seth Moniz over here, and we paddled out to Pipe around 12:00. After 30 minutes of us being out there, the wind came onshore and Mikey Redd almost died getting knocked out and got a two-wave hold-down.”

The image in full view.

The image in full view.

But Mikey's on the mend and in good spirits. “When that went down, all the guys, including us, came in to check on him,” Griff continued. “After that, we went back to the Billabong house to gather our thoughts. Everyone seemed pretty thrown off for the rest of the day. While we were at the house, we didn’t think we were going to surf again — until the wind started going offshore again, and there was only five guys out.

“So we paddled out. About 30 minutes into the session, this wave came straight to me and nobody was around. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I’d dreamed of getting a wave like that my whole life. So I I didn’t think much, and sent it over the ledge. In the past, I’ve had waves like that — but they closed out on me. This time it didn’t.”

Story originally published on Surfline. Image by Miah Klein.