Groundhog Day in the Mentawai Islands


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Updated 1177d ago

Words, photos and video by Andy Potts/Perfect Wave

August in the Mentawai island chain delivered some of the best waves of the season, and there has been a surprising lack of crew for whatever reason. Something you don't really question when your scoring epic Macaronis with only three or four of your best mates.

Pretty much every day of the month delivered straight offshore 4-6ft, 16 second period lines of endless tubes coupled with rippable sections and glassy walls and that's no exaggeration. It honestly felt like paradise stepped up a notch. Every day delivered perfect, groundhog day style sessions at nearly every reef break you could think of. I was lucky enough to capture some 10/10 sessions at the world’s most ripple wave – Macaronis, along with a handful of more than playful Greenbush days.

As I sit here now on the last day of August, watching more groomed lines of perfection roll past, I can only say one more thing… See you in September.  

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