Has Justine Dupont Broken the Record for Biggest Wave Ever Surfed by a Woman?

Jason Lock

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Updated 196d ago

When Nazare jacks to XXL, you can bet Justine Dupont and Maya Gabeira are out there. Justine with tow partner Fred David and Maya's been teaming up with German hellman Sebastian Steudtner. In January 2018, Maya set the record for biggest wave ever surfed by a woman, a colossal 68-footer at Portugal's premier big wave spot.

But on Wednesday, it's speculated that Justine may have topped that – during the real opening XXL session at Nazare. We shared Justine's POV view on Instagram – and lensman Pedro Miranda has just released the footage. Jury's out until next year on whether it broke the record but let's do some arm chair analysis. Oh and don't forget you can watch Nazare live HERE.

Here's Justine's wave from last week.

And here's Maya's.

Who's wave do you think is bigger? Cover shot of Justine by Helio Antonio on Wednesday.