Has Rodrigo Koxa Just Broken the Record for Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?

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Remember that Nazare pulse from a few weeks ago? Cotty's horror wipeout, and more grist to the Portugese grinder?

Well, slipping slightly under the radar was the above ride from Rodrigo Koxa during that absolutely chaotic session.

It's making the rounds at the moment, some claiming it could well be the biggest wave ever ridden. Is it larger than Gmac's record setting 78-footer at Nazare? It is damn hard to tell via the video footage but let's examine.

Nazare was always going to look to break its own record. And what should be lauded more, the tallest wave or biggest barrel? Hucking into a mountain of shifting 70 foot plus Nazare is a little different than a perfect XXL tube at Jaws. Both technically impressive, both jaw dropping, but not similar in the slightest.

As you can see, Gmac looks a little deeper and draws a more critical line, but in sheer volume and size, has Rodrigo clinched the crown? Oh it is tough to draw such a conclusion, and the jury's still out, but for now – let's speculate! What are your thoughts, in terms of size, is Rodrigo's taller? And what do you prefer, 70ft plus Nazare or a critically and perfectly executed tube?

And just in, to throw a little meat into the conversation, MSW reached out to Tim Bonython, director of the Big Wave Project and a part of every major swell across the globe for the past five years. His verdict? The crown goes to Koxa...

Talking of which, here's a third wave to throw a spanner in the works. My Bonython talks through Axi Muniain's behemoth below.

Cover shot: Rodrigo by our man on the ground, Helio Antonio.