Has World Record Been Broken for Largest Ever Paddle Out?

Jason Lock

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Updated 176d ago

Almost 1,000 surfers paddled out in Israel this morning in an attempt to break the world record for most surfers in a circle at one time. And, with a rough count of 992 participants, it looks to smash the old record of 511.

Yet, there's a more sinister reason that so many decided to join in, as Artur Rashkovan explains: “Israel surfers united to protest against a gas rig which threatens to poison the waters and shores north of Israel.

“Gas rigs exude a dangerous condensate, if an accident occurs the proximate area of 100 km will be poisoned,in a matter of days and it will endanger every living organism around. We united to say no to this and we ask to push the gas rig 120km into sea.”

However, Israels authorities have denounced the claims, saying the new oil platform poses little threat. The previous world record was at Huntington Beach last year. It can take up to three weeks to verify the count.