Hurley and Chevrolet Design A Surf Truck

Jason Lock

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Have you spent years seeking an ultimate surf chariot? Have you tuned and tweaked your own vehicle, in order to accommodate board transportation? Well, Chevrolet in collab with Hurley, has just unveiled this concept vehicle designed to put the needs of surfers first – and it's interesting.

Why interesting? This 271 Hurley concept has an abundance of features. For starters, it's equipped with ventiprene-clad seats, (material similar to neoprene), for those who jump straight from ocean to car, post-surf. It's also canopied, providing sun protection if you're hauled up in the middle of nowhere with little shade. There's a key-lock, so no longer would you need to hide a key somewhere in the car's exterior, or wear a waterproof case, or take it in the sea.

As Ryan Hurley, creative director for Hurley explains: ''This concept is all about functionality. When we discussed the project with Chevrolet, we didn’t want just a truck with our logo on it. It had to offer solutions for the challenges surfers face at remote locations and that’s exactly what it delivers.”

The 271's also furnished with built in storage systems, for boards and equipment. There's wetsuit drying racks, a bed-mounted Thule rack, space for drinking-water if you're planning a few weeks away and it's rolling on 17-inch all terrain tyres for tackling off-roading and beach driving. Oh, there's wifi too.

Of course, it's a concept design – the vehicle might one day hit the production line, if they receive enough interest.

''Colorado is a lifestyle enabler and the Hurley concept demonstrates the personalization possibilities for one of the most thrilling sports,” said Jessica Rogers, Colorado marketing manager. “With Chevrolet Accessories parts, the sky — and the surf — is the limit when it comes to tailoring the Colorado to your work or recreation interests.”

Some more of the tech specs; The Colorado comes with a 3.6l V-6 engine, rated at 308 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft of torque, enabling 7,000 pounds of max tailering. The concept design was unveiled at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.