Help Our Designer Survive Another Winter

© 2017 - Smokey / magicseaweed

This isn't an advert, it is a plea for help. Our overworked lead designer, Smokey, or Adam, as his parents called him, needs your help. Only you have the power to send him to Hawaii by clicking HERE and liking the boardshorts he designed for the Quiksilver collaboration.

He's never been to Hawaii and if he has to spend another winter chained to his Mac with only his skinny jeans to keep him warm we fear that Hypovitaminosis D will set in (a deficiency of vitamin D) and we need him to keep up his strength to design rosettes and "mega sale ends right now" banners.

Just one like really can change a life. So if you can ignore the slightly retro format of spamming social networks for 'likes' we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

*If you like the shorts you can buy them HERE.. If you want to help our designer click HERE.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley