Hey Look! CI Do a Mid-Length Twin Now

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The humble mid length has seen a resurgence in recent years. Maybe because big name shapers like Pyzel have put some serious time into refining longer boards. CI has too, with their CI Mid releasing a little while back. Now, there's the twin fin version and doesn't it look the epitome of loose'n'fun?

The first myth to bust around this particular mid is; it is not a groveller. Most boards with this sort of knowledge baked in, aren't. They're for good waves, waves that'll peel down a point, or pack a bit of size, maybe a powerful beachie you can get into early enough. And the weight of this thing allows that.

It's the kind of board you wouldn't want to take-off late under the lip, but has a bunch of manoeuvrability once you're up and driving. If you're considering a fresh stick, maybe have play around with a performance mid, throw it out on a bigger day at your local. Anything over chest waist-to-chest high and you could be laughing.

Steep price tag – borrow your mates. Safer that way.