How Hard is it to Capture Surfing Under the Northern Lights?

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Shooting under the Northern Lights in Iceland was never going to be easy for surf/adventure photographer Chris Burkard, but throw the country's largest storm over the past two decades into the mix, and things get damn tough.

Chris is an expert in adventure photography, and storytelling for that matter. So here, we tag along for a ride under the Aurora Borealis as a candid look into the difficulties of such a shoot.

That storm both a blessing and a curse – outside was like armaddeggon, says Chris, but the 11-hour drive was worth it when greeted with pristine conditions upon reaching their destination.

Chris surmises: ''The hardest thing was keeping my focus. Maybe one of the most insane things I've seen in my life. You're shivering, you're sitting there going through all the emotions. But for me anything worth pursuing is going to require you to suffer a little bit. Through all that we came with this experience that was far better than anything we could have planned for. It changed everything I thought about what was possible.''

Set aside the next six minutes and enjoy.