How To: Shoot the Perfect Surf Edit with a DJI Drone

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Progressive surf filmmaking has stretched a long way over the past six or so decades. Gone is the heavy reliance on film, though we appreciate a hand-crafted cut now and again, in favour of a fully digitised medium. And in doing so, threw open the doors for a fresh, creative outlook on capturing AAA surf shots.

The arsenal of equipment available to surf filmmakers, both budding and veteran, is vast - and at times can appear daunting. Yet, over the past few years, a piece of kit that is making its way into any filmmakers' pack is the drone – a tool that is able to provide never-before-seen angles into our humble little world.

An eye in the sky gives a unique perspective. Following a surfer down a wave never looked so...juxtaposed; the potential of an open face, the manoeuvres of your subject, the calmness of a lens looking back to sea as it all throws down. What plays out is a snapshot into the nuances of what we do.

And leading the drone revolution is DJI, the specialist in giving a bird's eye take on any situation. But just how do you operate one of those quadrocopters? How do you prep before launching? How do you set contrast and just what does it take to make all that click together? Here, Tim Boydell, experienced surf videographer and drone pilot from Light Colour Sound walks us through how to capture AAA surf footage, using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro. Hit play.

And, like what you see? Are you a burgeoning filmmaker with a burning desire to shoot your friends? A veteran who wants to add to their repertoire? Learn more about the DJI Phantom 4 Pro HERE.