How to Watch Surfing in the Olympics


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It's been a question banded around as surfing makes its Olympic debut – just how do you watch surfing in the Olymipcs? And the answer is; there's a few ways you can catch the sport of kings and queens on your TV, Laptop, mobile or preferred device – it just depends what country you're in and who has the broadcast rights.

The waiting period will be from July 25 – August 1 and we've already seen a few competitors get KO'd during the first few heats (John John, Steph - gone!). In the UK, it's the BBC who will broadcast some of the event and you can catch highlights over on iPlayer. But it's all a bit clunky in there.

What you really want is the Discovery+ app (aka Eurosport) where you can access live streams of each individual sports and catch any highlights. Though, with the surfing highlights you don't get the commentary for some reason. It feels kind of dry without the Barton Lynch inflections. Anyway, download the app, hit the Olympics button at the bottom, then 'select a sport' at the top, 'see all' and find surfing. Boom, you're watching it live -- if it's on. The thing is though, it's £30 a year for that app, or £7 for the month. There's always the highlights on the BBC Sport YouTube page, too. Remember, time in Japan is GMT +9 hours.

Meanwhile, over in the US, NBC holds all rights to the broadcasting. You just have to head over to any of the streaming giants TV, internet or mobile platforms. Over in Aus, all the Olympics will be streamed on the Seven Network and Globo in Brazil.

Remember, this isn't a CT event -- so nothing's free. You wanna splurge 7 sheets on catching surfing's Olympics debut? That's up to you. So far, it's been kind of a mixed bag but the quarter finals are coming up and we should see some firework heats.

If you're super keen, download the Olympics app in the app store, set surfing as your sport and you'll get notifications about when it's on. Then switch over to your streaming channel to watch. Also, the ISA has a handy tool to help find your local provider, which you can view HERE.

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