Hurricane Irma Awakens Barrels in Aruba

Craig Murch

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Updated 770d ago

The devastation caused by Hurricane Irma so far has been shocking. Caribbean Islands such as Barbuda and Saint Martin have been left near enough flattened, buildings ripped apart and thousands left without homes. And of course you'll be aware that the destruction is far from over. More on that here.

But as is always the way with wild and deadly storm systems, we're left feeling a little conflicted when reporting on the surf-related positives which inevitably go hand in hand with, in this case, the most powerful Atlantic storm on record. The UN has estimated that 37 million people could be impacted by Irma, and while we pray for those directly in its path and note that this is no consolation, we can tell you that so far there's a few lucky people who have reaped rewards.

Take the surfers on the island of Aruba for example: far enough from the track of Irma to be well out of harm's way, but well within reach of the swell that has been pulsing throughout the Caribbean.

"I waited years to surf this wave and today it finally showed a glimpse of what it can become," says photographer Armando Goedgedrag. "Caught one of my all time favourite waves right before sunset. It's the dreamiest left we have here, but she usualy awakens every five years really good.

"Due to the calm Atlantic in the past years she has been sleeping constantly but when Hurricane Matthew came close to Aruba she woke up again. And now this year Irma poked her again."

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor