Hws Custom Evolution

Evolution of the curious mind!

As I build more boards, I get an understanding of the limitless possibilities of HWS boards. I am finding that the more I expriment, the more I want to. I recently built a HWS Balsa board with balsa rails, nose & tail blocks, and thought what can I do to make this a bit different. I decided to attempt a Tunnel fin, and after hours of debating with myself the best construction method, got one built. The result is pictured below.

This is the type of thing, I believe which makes HWS boards stand out from the rest. If you remove the enviromental issues, and focus purely on appearance and style, I dont think the look of the wooden board can be beaten. It has a raw, back to nature, original feel about it, and I find myself obsessed with searching for new looks, and build techniques.

All types of boards made using computer software.

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