Anglet is First Place in France to Ban Hydrofoils

Jason Lock

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Updated 499d ago

Here's something that doesn't really surprise. Hydrofoils have been banned in Anglet, France, in an attempt to prevent any injury.

The City of Anglet in SW France released the order on May 29, banning any hydrofoiling activity on its 5km stretch of beaches. It's understood that there's not been an accident due to hydrofoiling but the order is there as a precautionary method.

But should they be banned? Oh, there can be no doubt about the rise of the hydrofoil – the likes of Kai Lenny, JJF and more will talk through their merits. Yet there's a hard difference between those watermen and Joe Public taking to the water with a half-a-metre long shank.

Here's the order.

Here's the order.

And does it send the right message about surfing inclusivity? If the waves run flat or small, there's no one else in the water, then what harm could a foil do? Unless to yourself, but then, that'll be your own fault. What're your thoughts on hydrofoils in the lineup?