"I Couldn't See the Exit, So Kept on Going," Miguel Blanco's Wave of the Day

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Yesterday, large parts of western Europe were going off thanks to a big swell in the morning coupled with largely favourable offshore easterly wind, before those gusts raked up to the 40mph mark. But more on that soon – because right here, Miguel Blanco lays claim to the wave of the day out of Ericeira in Portugal. Just look how this thing opens up enough at the end, allowing Miggy to scoot out, unscathed.

Not all hoots and good times though: “It was a touch day,” Miguel told MSW, moments after coming in from this powerhouse. “Tide was a bit high, a lot of water moving and the wind was a bit crazy. I got pretty pounded on a wave that I couldn't pull in. I got back out and this one just came straight to me. I couldn't really tell if the wave was going to have an exit, so I just kept going.

“I felt the spot and saw the way out in the end. Sketchy exit but it felt like a rewards for making that wave. A lot of adrenaline. Good way to start the winter at home, stoked!”

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