I Interview Rob Machado

So Rob, I'm like really, really famous.

X champ

Sometimes when I go out on the town, I'm so famous, people are like, "whoa Sterling Spencer you're so famous."

X champ is kind of a big deal. Did Kelly win that many?

Do you comb your hair?


Have you ever thought Ugg boots were cool? Be honest.

Yep, cause they were. 7th grade surf team. I think I wore'em every day to school that year. And they were the tall ones too. I have photos to prove it. This winter might be the revival. I started with the slippers last winter. It might get weird.

Why is your Surfboard Model with Channel Islands called Motorboat?

Everyone loves a good motorboat.

Now that Indie is over, what do you think is the next trend in surfing?

Ugg boots and stand up paddling, at the same time.

So the Band "The Surfer's" that you and Kelly Slater and Peter King started, was that just like the weirdest thing ever? That's like John John , Craig Anderson and Paul Fisher starting a band today.

That would be a pretty rad band actually. JJF would be the quiet, super gnarly guitar player in the corner, Ando would be laying down some smooth beats on the drums, and fisher would be running around naked on stage doing weird stuff. We should make that happen.

Not many people know that you are a shaper. What's your new project all about?

I make surfboards that I want to ride. Channel Islands gives me a bunch of old crusty blanks that were gonna get thrown away and I salvage them into weird, funny looking things that make me want to go surfing.

Who's your favourite surfer right now?

You, but you only surf less-than-average waves like Georges, So I never see you.

Is it weird you get paid to drive around in a van and surf and then go eat acai and then shape and then play ping pong then surf and then sleep?

Yes it's weird, but there's a lot more to it than that. You just get to see the fun side of me Sterling. I've sheltered you from the other side.

Do you have any goals?

To make a surf movie with you.

Has anyone actually beaten you in Ping Pong?

Yep, the other night. Kooper Christ beat me on his table. I've got so many excuses. Warped table, bikes in the way, bad paddles, 2 beers in my system (that's a lot for me). I'm waiting for him to come to my house to get him back. Good table, good paddles, no beer. He's going down.

Not many people know this, but you're actually Mexican. What's up? Are you not proud?

I am proud. My great great grandfather was one of the first settlers in Los Angeles in the early 1800's. His name was Agustin Machado. He had a 14,000 acre ranch called "la Ballona." Some of my boards have our ranch's branding sticker on them.

Have you ever healed someone?

I don't think so.

We're like really good friends

I'm glad that you think so. I'm so relieved.

Do you thank God everyone morning for your hair? Your entire career is safely sitting in there.

Yes I do. I used to have straight hair, back when I was young, but something happened and now I am me, and I'm okay with that.

When Craig got lice, was it weird that all of a sudden he was at your house and all over you? Do you think he's trying to sabotage you?

Craig is way too nice to try and sabotage anyone. Did you see his new movie? He's good at surfing. Really a treat to watch.

I have 4 NSSA East Coast national titles. How many do you have?

I have none. Oh wait, I won the US Championships at Sebastian Inlet in 1986. Does that count? Were you born yet?

We're making a movie. Are people ready?

We are?! Its about time. I've been begging to hang out with you and go on a trip or something, but you keep blowing me off. I'm so glad that this is finally going to happen. What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go?
Who we gonna bring? You have all the connections. People love you.

Anything you want to ask me?

All my questions are above.