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Oli Adams drops another edit from Ireland, and we took the opportunity to a riddle a few Mensa level questions at the affable gent.

Tell us a little about the short? It's in Ireland and there are a few ledgy looking barrels, what else?

It's from the same trip as my last Ireland edit but I had too many clips of everyone for one edit, so I put this together. It's actually got more clips of other guys than of me but I actually really enjoyed making an edit like that.

It seems to contain a whole host of the top Irish boys, do you get on well with them in the water? How's Gearoid McDaid? We're hearing a lot about him.

All the Irish guys are legends and there is some real talent over there. I'd say the vibe in the water is the best I've experienced anywhere in the world, when you paddle out people greet you with a smile and hello plus everyone waits for their turn and there is no hassling, its amazing! Yeah Gearoid is top class for his age, I was blown away, he has a massive future.

Has anyone ever waxed your car windscreen?

One time at Cornish point a guy I was with had it done but I've been lucky. My rule is don't drive a car with your name on the side [laughs].

What do you set out to achieve when creating these web shorts?

Just to showcase my surfing in the best way possible, it's so good to have creative control over your own work and by doing it this way I get to decide where I go, what kind of waves I surf, what angle they should be filmed at and what tune I think goes well with it. I've some bigger projects in the pipeline but for now i'm really stoked on how these short edits are being received.

Have you ever wanted to attack/wedgie a filmer for failing to get a particular segment on record?

For sure, but it's now obvious to me that your best wave will always be missed no matter who's filming so as soon as you realise this you can be happy with the rest of your footage [laughs].

What is your take on the recent web kerfuffle over Stokesy's Strange Beautiful Life series?

Stoker is unlucky to be on the end of this kind of criticism really, every surfer has there own path to take and has things that they enjoy and not everyone wants or needs to put their life on the line on a daily basis. He has thousands of fans that watch his vids religiously, plus he's a brilliant ambassador for British surfing and that is what makes him a more than deserving pro surfer.


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