Incoming: Double Late Season Kaboom for Europe


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  • Not one, but two storms are currently marching towards the UK and Ireland.
  • Surf will be accompanied by strong wind, so you'll need to seek shelter to score gold.
  • Conditions look excellent for further into Europe as of right now (hint: check our Mundaka forecast...)
  • We've officially run out of time for mega swells to rifle into Europe. The northern hemisphere's swell season officially ramped down in March. Or so it should have. But this weekend, a super late season pulse is about to smash western Europe.

    And if you want to make the most of that, it's probably best to seek shelter. As this run of waves could be marred with strong, crippling, gale force wind. Look a little further out though and there's another system about to rifle in too, en route via Ireland. That's two swells in the off season.

    Forecast: UK + Ireland

    Oh the UK might not get up to these dizzy heights - the wind is super funky. But seek shelter and you could find something.

    “A disturbance is expected to land over Ireland by early Friday, with strong westerly winds in the Celtic Sea,” says MSW forecaster Tony Butt.

    “A pulse of swell will affect mostly mid areas, and will also propagate further south into Biscay and Portugal, but will struggle to reach northern areas. With the system coming so close, places that receive the bulk of the swell will probably have poor wind conditions.

    “In northwest Ireland, most of the swell passes to the south, but westerly exposures will get some long-period swell late Thursday and early Friday, with easterly winds, backing north.

    Forecast: France

    “In areas such as southwest Ireland and Cornwall, wave heights pick up big-time on Thursday night, briefly hitting 15 feet or so at exposed spots before dropping on Friday, accompanied by strong winds from the south, veering west then northwest as the system passes over. North-facing spots in Devon and Cornwall might get some good surf early Friday.

    Our at-a-glance chart for Mundaka on Friday.

    Our at-a-glance chart for Mundaka on Friday.

    “Down into Biscay, the swell arrives on Friday, with wave heights up to six feet or more at exposed spots and winds from a westerly quarter. North-facing spots such as Mundaka could have some decent medium-sized surf. Around into Portugal, the swell arrives much weaker, and is hampered by fresh to strong northerly winds.

    Watch Live: Mundaka

    “Look out for another, completely different low pressure system forecast to appear off Cape Farewell over the weekend, move east and end up over Scotland by Monday. The fact that this system takes a more winter-like trajectory across the north of the North Atlantic, means that it could produce some better-quality surf than the first system. Look out for something around the beginning to the middle of next week.”