Indonesia Braced for Swell of the Season

Leaving it late, 2013's end-of-season swells in Indonesia have been the biggest of the year. Like all good story tellers, saving the best for last, Indo is currently braced for the swell of the season.

The forerunners of the swell which will peak on October 9th and 10th started to feel out the reefs of the Bukit at around midday, before gently building throughout the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday will see the meat of the swell arrive in the 11ft at 17 seconds range. Add a superlative and off you go.

By lunchtime Racetracks was working well with some open barrels. And as the swell filled in the first sets of the swell were getting into Padang Padang with only six surfers in the water to share the chart hound bounty.

Stay tuned, more on the way.

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