Jeremy Flores: "I'm Looking Forward to Stopping Competitions and Just Travelling Instead"


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It's been a winter to remember on the shores of l'hexagone's south west. France has been absolutely pumping – as you may have noticed by the amount of edits we've been exclusively running courtesy of Rip It Up.

But don't just take our word for it. Jeremy Flores has been spending a bit of time around Hossegor recently and can't quite believe the run of swell that's been unloading at the world's best beachbreaks. During a bit of down time, Rip It Up stole Jflo away for an interview about the season, his tour hopes, which is harder being a dad or a pro surfer, and whether he'd want to be world champ or Olympic champ. The vid is below in French – check the waves at the end for classic Flores wrangling - and we've translated it all for you below that. Enjoy!

Rip it Up: Hey Jeremy. How are you?
JF: Everything's good. Yeah everything's going good now in France. Its been a couple weeks now back here (after Hawaii) as I don't normally stay the winters in France, but the surf has been exceptional. This time, I have really scored. Some great conditions with really good barrels, a great way to start 2020.

And you won the Quik Pro last year, what was that like?
It was a real magic moment for me to win the Quik Pro France. It has always been a dream to win it and the past years have been a nightmare. Over the years, I was starting to loose my faith in winning at home. For me to win in such magical waves at la Nord and la Graviere, to win in front of a crazy atmosphere with family, my childhood friends and my sponsors. It was intense. 

I have already thought about this a lot. I keep asking myself if this is real or not? Because everything happened just so perfectly so even now when we talk about it I get goose bumps on the skin. 

It's all the hard work of my career. The work of one's life - to talk about a moment like that. It's really crazy. 

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Which do you prefer, the Pipe Masters or Quiksilver Pro France?
That's a complicated one, because being a surfer everyone's ultimate goal is to become a Pipe Master. It's the Wimbledon of the surfing world - so when I managed to win Pipe it felt like I really managed to accomplish something in my career. I have got that title. 

However to win in front of the public in France who have been supporting me since I was a little boy, through the highs and the lows, because I had many complicated moments in that competition. Every year they come back to support me and it is beautiful for me to give back by finally winning. 

But the win at Pipe makes me proud. And the Quik Pro France win is like my perfect way of thanking all my friends and supporters who have helped me in my career.

Which event felt best to win?
For me I like to surf good waves and the good waves are. Hawaii, Tahiti, France for sure. So honestly it's the three competitions I dreamed to win. If we can add G-land, Fiji, for sure, and that's the type of waves I like to surf.

World champion or Olympic champion?
World Champion. Because as a kid we have all dreamed of being on the professional tour and being a world champion. 

It's the ultimate goal. The Olympic Games is all new and is happening now (2020). It's going to be a great experience and a very memorable moment to see in a career but becoming world champion still remains the ultimate goal. 

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How motivated are you for the tour?
Well, last year and at the end of 2018 I was asking myself that question too - if I really wanted to continue? I believe I am still capable of battling with the best surfers around the world so I decided to continue competing, but I really look forward to the day when I stop competitions and finally get a chance to travel and get super images and do films.

Travelling to locations that we are not really used to travelling too. Plus doing documentaries and more adventures. Back to the roots of surfing. Pure to surfing. Travelling with friends to some undeveloped locations around the world, discovering new surf spots and sharing it with friends. For me; that's surfing. All my life has being dedicated towards competition and I have been in machine mode. Competition after competition, so it would be nice to travel with a few friends to explore new locations to find that true 'spirit of surfing.'

What's your best memory?
My best memory has to be the birth of my daughter. It was a really exceptional moment. After all the amazing things that surfing has given me, the family still remains priority for me. So the birth of my daughter has been the best memory. 

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Whats more difficult being a high level professional surfer or being daddy?
[laughs] Honestly it's harder being a daddy. Since being a dad I train and surf less. So the little time I have in the water now I get to appreciate it more. I take more pleasure in the water. 

As a family we are organised and we will be doing most competitions together as a family. So it's crazy when we arrive at the airports we have two surfboard coffins, a child's chair on wheels and suitcases -  it's crazy. Me and my girlfriend take great pride and pleasure to explore and share such great moments together. It's a crazy life and will be the best memories for us and our daughter.