INTRODUCING: SRFACE Launch New 5mm Hooded Men's and Women's Wetsuits


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This time last year, we exclusively brought you the news of fresh off-the-blocks wetsuit company SRFACE, hailing out of the Netherlands. And over the past 12 months, they've been listening to your feedback - and it's these subtle changes throughout their whole stock, that have helped enhance an already excellent suit.

Sometimes, you get the full bells and whistles approach to wetsuit upgrades. More stretch, more flex, durability, new entry system and etc. But with SRFACE the core of the suit is simple; high end materials for a mid-cost price point.

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There's nothing wrong with shouting about new features, of course. But what's refreshing is when a new model of suit comes out and, rather than promising to shift the Earth, instead refines, tweaks and moulds an already existing formula into something greater.

In October, SRFACE will release their latest model of wetsuits. The 5mm can now come with a hood – which was our only downfall when we previewed the suits last year. Plus, there's now a women's suit too, in 4mm, 5mm and 5mm hooded. And all the legacy suits will be upgraded too.

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You'll recall, we first exclusively unveiled SRFACE in August 2018. The company's mantra is to deliver high end suits at a price that won't empty your wallet. And, for the most part, those Holland-based, cold water enthusiasts have succeeded.

Last year, about the 5mm, we said: “It shouldn't be any surprise that this is warm. Above average levels of warmth. And that's great, if you want your winter sessions to run into the multiple hours mark. The cuffs have anti-slip grips on the inside, something we're seeing more and more of in all wetsuits. All the seams are sealed and taped, meaning there's minimal water getting through and adding extra support to stress areas. A plush inside has been added for extra insulation.

“The chest and back comes equipped with a wind breaker, as is standard on most suits. Aesthetically the suit is very similar to the 3mm version, charcoal with a slightly lighter chest and back panel, but offset with orange accents in the logos and the zips, you can read about that all HERE.”

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And yes, all those features are still backed into the DNA of SRFACE suits, but now there's a touch more going on here, all built for added comfort. We've taken the new model for a spin and wearing the suit, it's immediately noticeable that they've gone for a more fitted approach on the shoulders.

It's something I put to SRFACE's Jeroen Coppens. He says they've worked on hugging the shoulders a touch more and tapered around the waist area a touch more. Usually, I'd like a bit of give around the shoulder area for added mobility, yet, this new cut doesn't feel restrictive. Paddling is just as easy as the old style but it feels like it fits across the top of the shoulders a little more neatly.

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They've also made some changes to the construct – building in extra reinforcements to in a bid to improve durability. And that's really saying something, because I've not had any issues with seam splits or any malfunctions from these suits with more than a year of use.

As for warmth, if you feel the cold, this is the solidly made, mid-price range suit that you can do no wrong in trying. SRFACE offers a cooling off period (no pun) where you can buy a suit and return it within 30 days if it's not for you.

We used these suits all through the winter last season. We stuck it out for around three hours in the drink before our feet and hands gave way before the suit. When we say it's steaming in there – we mean it. Take the suit off in a shower of bodily mist. Which is what you need when facing the frigidness of a Euro winter. But the suit never feels cumbersome.

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You know the drill, it's usually warmth or flexibility when it comes to securing your winter rubber. That's not to say SRFACE suits aren't flexible, the new cut certainly helps with mobility, but this is a suit made for those who want to spend more time in the water throughout winter. The most time I've put in the water during a single session in the winter, was the plus side of four hours, somewhere the water temps dripped to the 2 degrees C mark. Face and brain freeze aside, this suit did its job, as expected.

SRFACE are also offering new sizes, XS, ST, MS and XLT. And you can shop both men's and women's on their site, HERE.