Isolation Situation: Mick Fanning

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The global landscape sure is going to change once the gates of this lockdown are thrown open. But as you know, surfing will still be there, the characters, the people, too. Right now though, those who spin across the global and call surfing their primary source of income are grounded too, well, the majority anyway. Most are taking time to relax, breathing in home life and embracing the many benefits that come from time with family -- as most of us are across our collective community.

In this new series, we'll take a little peep into lifestyles of notable surfers as it is right now -- asking a few short, pertinent questions, like, who was the last person they text? And, what tunes are they using to get by.

First up is Sir White Lightning himself, Mick Fanning who is currently holed up on the Gold Coast. You'll recall? The Goldie had a colossal session right as the surfing red light was imposed across the coastline, you'll see here, that Mick was having one helluva time with it. Anyway, here's Mick's current spin on events.

Where are you locked down?
Just at home on the Gold Coast.

Who are you locked down with?
My fiancé Bree and then I have some friends in the front house. Good crew.

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Happy Easter world!! @breeanablue

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When was the last time you surfed and where, how was it?
A couple of days ago at Dbah. Was only small but the weather has been incredible.

What’s the best surf related thing you’ve seen on IG this week?
Mitch Crews' new edit was fun to watch.

Last thing you ordered online?
Baby stuff for our new baby due in August. Might as well set up the room while we don’t have much happening...

Favourite tune to get you through lockdown?
Make it with Chu by Queens of the Stone Age.

Last person you whatsapp’d?
Last person I messaged was DH but he hasn’t written back yet [laughs].

Favourite lockdown drink?
Balter, of course!

Any new habits you’ve picked up during lockdown?
Hitting golf balls over the fence [laughs].

Exercise routine?
Been doing a heap of rehab for my knee so almost a blessing at the moment.

What’s the first thing you’re doing post-lockdown?
Go to restaurant and have a great feed and a couple of margaritas.

Dream surf trip after lockdown?
I was three days out from starting to drive around Australia so I might start doing little sectors.

How are you staying sane?
I’m normally a homebody anyway so not too much has changed in my world.

Cover shot by Juan Medina