It's Time for Scrutiny: Sunset Sons x Hurley Surf Club

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And whhhoooeeeee, we're back. Those gents from Sunset Sons have just submitted a couple of clips to Hurley Surf Club, to slap a little polish on their surfing.

In case you missed episode 1, Jed Laidlaw and Pete Harper are putting their skills under the spotlight (you can watch that HERE) around the beachies of France's sud-ouest.

Now it is time for analysis, scrutiny and feedback in episode 2, all expertly delivered by Philippe Malvaux, Hurley team manager for Europe and coach to some of the continent's top shredders.

And what did Philippe make of the boys' submissions? “Jed needs to use more the full face of the wave to optimise the speed while going down to the bottom turn,” he says.

“I've asked him to try his carving turn more in the pocket which should help him generate speed while carving down the face. So he should be looking to increase speed through the top turn and keep an eye over his shoulder while carving down the face.

"For Pete, I suggested that during his top turn, to bring his board over his gravity centre, at least in front of him, to increase his commitment and to avoid snapping the end of his top turns. With this, he should be able to improve the linking, and speed, during the ride.

“I have a magic app on my iPad with which I can send back a few comments, while drawing on the waves they were surfing to make it a bit more visual”, Philppe adds about the tools of his trade. “I think video is the best tool we have in the business to improve our surfing.”

Will Jed and Pete take Philippe's suggestions on board? Will we see them commit, give up the rock thing and make a storm for the CT? Unlikely, but stay tuned for a fresh episode next week.

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