Jonas Bronnert : Denmark : The Winter Session

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Denmark's North Sea coast dishes up some bouncy brown drainers for a committed German visitor.

"We are surfers from Germany." says the featured rider, Jonas Bronnert. "This day was one of the better ones in Denmark. We had two to three metres of windswell from the south, along with some north-westerly groundswell. The spot we surfed is one of the most powerful ones up there."

"It was raining and we hid behind a wooden panel with the camera, which we built for the purpose. We filmed for 1.5 hours and it wasn't easy to catch the waves cause there was a sidewash from the breakwall. But it was fun, with some heavy wipeouts. A lot of Germans drive to Northwest Denmark on the weekends for surfing. On a good summer day there can be 40 surfers out, even more. In winter, up to 20, if it´s really sick."

Filmed by Finn Ole Springborn.
Edited by Jonas Bronnert.

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