Just Another Boat Trip

The Mentawai Islands are the penthouse of wave porn and the surf has been pumping. Here are some shots from a trip last week which lucked into a little magic. Every surfer should go there at least once, if you are lucky then you will score more barrels than you have done in the last decade. In the meantime, here's some eye candy from Liquid Barrel's busman's holiday.

5 facts about boat trips you probably already know:

1. More than one person will fail to pack adequate wax or sun protection. Their popularity will decline proportional to supply.

2. Someone will snore like a pig and you will mentally eviscerate them for ruining your sleep, before launching anything at hand across the cabin. We recommend ear plugs as a friendship saver.

3. The food can be mind-meltingly good (if you don't like sashimi or poisson cru your world is a lesser place) and the crew will slave to feed your pampered arse up to six times a day whilst you shuffle down the reef like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

4. Nothing feels better than drinking cheap lager whilst telling heroic war stores around the table; the fact that tales grow ever taller in the telling comes as standard.

5. 10 days on a snug boat with anyone is a long time.