Kalani Lattanzi: Why I Bodysurf XXL Nazare

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“You know, I'd say 80 per cent of the time, I don't have any safety,” says Kalani Lattanzi about bodysurfing Nazare when it jacks in to that dizzying XXL region.

“People think I'm crazy,” he laughs. “But I love bodysurfing, it's the best training for big wave surfing -swimming, duck-diving, catching waves or wiping out – it all makes you stronger.”

Kalani's been bodysurfing massive Nazare for years - no ski to drop him off out the back, just a pair of fins and a can-do attitude. That story is being told in new movie Kalani – Gift from Heaven, shot by Nuno Dias over the past three years.

“Filmed in Nazaré and Rio de Janeiro, this documentary portrays Brazilian waterman Kalani Lattanzi’s route, all the way from his origins and first contact with the ocean in Brazil, to Nazaré in Portugal. Where ultimately, with his body alone, no boards or jets, he faces the biggest waves in the world, in the most pure form of wave riding: bodysurf.”

Trailer has just dropped, watch above. And also, there's more swell on the way for Nazare. See HERE.