Kamchatka Challenge – Dispatch 2

Before the clouds cleared and the wind switched, the Nixon Kamchatka Challenge was looking pretty miserable. An international battalion of shredders had made the journey to Russia's easternmost limb, but the dense fog and Soviet era architecture made for a somewhat dreary scene. Then it all changed. The photos above show what greeted the team when unzipping their tents on Thursday morning.

May 9 update: "It was an epic morning yesterday. Not big, a bit too much off shore, maybe not enough period, but fuck, having such clean conditions so far away in Kamachatka is such an experience. Then the wind came onshore but we still enjoyed a good night of camping followed by a small but clean morning surf on Friday. Now I think we’re over with the surfing as we fly back on sunday and tomorrow doesn’t look promising (and I think the surfers want to party tonight)." Nixon Communications Manager, Ben Wu Tiu Yen.

As a side note, the Chinese government has today announced that it is considering plans to build a high speed railway between north-east China and the Continental US. Perhaps they could schedule a stop somewhere near Kamchatka?