Vignettes from a Nicaraguan Yoga and Surf Adventure with Kassia Meador


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Longboarder Kassia Meador shares a recent journey to a surf, yoga and sound healing retreat at a traveller's sanctuary in Nicaragua

Surfing and yoga are wonderful active meditations, and perfect ways to move the subtle energies of your body. The sonic element is also a wonderful way to move your body's water on a more subtle level of frequency. Adding them all together it is like a a rocket ship for movement on all levels physical, spiritual, and energetic to move any stuck or stagnant energies quickly and effectively.

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was about 20-years-old, so about 15 years now...I love it! It is such a wonderful way to move your energies, keeping you mind, body and spirit in optimal flow. I try to work with yoga at least three times a week. Vinyasa flow is wonderful for keeping your body prime for surfing. I also love some of the kundalini breath work, and kriyas for moving the breath energies as well.

Typical day’s schedule

We would wake and have one and half hours of yoga, where I would usually play a sound bath the last 10-minutes or so of class, when everyone is in their rest period. Then some would go ride horses or explore, and the rest of us would head down to the beach and surf the rest of the daylight hours away, until it was time for evening yoga.

This session was usually around an hour, and more based in restorative and slower movements. I would again play sound healing tools at the end of that class, during the rest period, or after dinner we would end the day with about an hour of dedicated sound healing meditations. Everyday was jam packed with so much healing, fun and magic.

Location and concept

The ladies of Love Yoga choose Nicaragua because of the beauty of the land, the waves being so fun for everyone of all levels, and the fact Maderas Village had wonderful accommodation and could easily house all 33 of us. It was a wonderful place for all we wanted to do, as they had both a dedicated sound healing, and yoga studio.

For many years I would travel only to surf, and now it is so important to include all the elements I love, to round out the experience. Going to places that have epic waves, awesome culture, and an opportunity to drop into the spiritual practices I love, help round me out as a person.

Yoga, meditation, music and surfing

They’re all about movement, riding waves, whether they be sound waves, energy waves, or frequency waves. They all force presence and are beautiful complements to each other, for a well rounded practice.