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Appreciated as one of the most stylish longboarders, Kassia is a graceful creature in all her creative pursuits. Driven by positivity and passion, a true seeker of awareness, she has become a beacon of light - sharing unique experiences with an eclectic mix of inspiring people across the planet. We are proud to welcome her contributions here on magicseaweed.

We’re here in Topanga, close to where you started surfing at Malibu. Let’s hear the journey to now…
I began my love affair with the ocean and surfing when I was 14-years-old, at the infamous First Point, Malibu. A year later I went on my first international surf trip to Costa Rica, 6 months after that, travelled to Australia for another surf contest, and just before my 17th birthday Donald Takayama started making me surfboards and Jeff Hackman got me on the Roxy surf team. Everything happened so quickly. Then for the next 15 years I travelled the world as a professional surfer, having a beautiful opportunity to experience a myriad of cultures, people, places and experiences, gaining a unique viewpoint on our vast world. 

You played a big part in the new wave of female surfers, and stylish longboarding during those years.
I am really grateful for that time in my life. To be a part of, and see the growth of women's surf culture around the world, both within the competitive and lifestyle realms of surfing. It is a huge movement that is still gaining momentum. Women's surf culture is continuing to expand in every way, tapping into different demographics and cultures daily. 

Kassia will be sharing experiences with magicseaweed each month.

Kassia will be sharing experiences with magicseaweed each month.

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That brings us to Kassia+Surf, and other passions you’re exploring.
After being a professional surfer for so long, working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, it was time for something different. I wanted to start my own company where I would have an opportunity to create more visually dynamic, technically functional pieces, in a more sustainable and conscious way. Creating pieces for the woman I am today, and all women, spreading a message of empowerment. To me, surfing had always been an active meditation, an opportunity to tap deeper into myself and treat my mind, body and soul with love and care.  

Kassia + positioning

Kassia + positioning

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How about Standing Rock, and your reasons for getting involved?
My love for the ocean, surfing, water and our environment in general, is what pulled me to Standing Rock. The fact it was a prayer for water and life, and not a protest at all. People standing together in love and solidarity for what is right; Human rights, water rights, as water is life. Access to clean drinking water was, and is, the biggest issue I have both seen and experienced in my travels. I feel it is important to use our voices to share information, not to force an issue, but to offer people an opportunity to learn, and in that we all have a choice. 

Meeting the chief was a powerful connection.
I feel very grateful to have met Chief Iron Eagle. We caught up while he was passing through Los Angeles on his way back to Washington, to continue their stand for the land that was granted to them in the treaties. It’s currently being taken from them, against the constitution. I am grateful to have had a chance to sit with him, learning from his culture and their ways of living in harmony with nature.

*This Friday – March 10th - is the biggest pipeline and water protest to date, happening upon Washington DC. Indigenous people and water protectors will be gathering in massive numbers again, in prayer and solidarity to stop the pipelines and protect the water for all life.

To get involved or learn more head HERE

What else can we expect you to share this coming year? 
I’m super excited to be involved with magicseaweed. I want to share all I learn from the road. The interesting people I come across, technology stories, surfing stories, wellness stories, creativity, and how we can all be more conscious humans and live and exists in a symbiotic way with our beautiful world, and each other. 

Next up, we travel to Nicaragua for a yoga, surfing and sound healing retreat – sharing waves and a full mind body and spirit wellness experience.

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