Kelly Slater Wave Pool to Open in Florida?

Jason Lock

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Updated 250d ago

It was only a matter of time before Kelly Slater's wave ranch was rolled out at other locations across the States, as early plans have just been unveiled that could see a new facility open in Florida.

Slater and his Lemoore-based wave machine hammered the internet when the curtain was finally pulled back last year. Shortly afterwards, the WSL snapped it up and are now the parent company of Kelly Slater Wave Co – queue speculation that a man-made pool could make its way on to the CT.

Well, on March 23, the Palm Beach County Commission is due to hold a zoning hearing (view the plans HERE), which will consider changing the county's planned industrial park regulation to allow large scale recreation facilities, specifically to allow the surf ranch to be built on an 80-acre plot of land.

Building of the site is planned at the Palm Beach of Commerce aka First Park South Florida, at the intersection of Bee Line Highway and Park of Commerce Boulevard.

The application is titled South Ranch Florida and contains multiple links to KS Wave Co and press coverage of the Slater ranch's launch last year. Could this mean we're going to see the first public access wave pool from KS Co? The door remains firmly shut at the first facility, unless you're surf royalty. A week or so ago, Kelly revealed via Instagram that improvements are being made to the Lemoore facility, so could Florida see a new and improved surf ranch?

The potential for wave pools to act as training venues has been bubbling away under the surface since the announcement that surfing will officially be an Olympic sport. Sprinkle in a pinch of the WSL's commercial finesse and you could have a financially stable means for training the world's best surfers fairly soon, yes? No? Either way, the WSL will be looking for a return on their acquisition sooner rather than later. This is a business afterall.