Kelly Wins J-bay Riding His Signature Fcs K-3 Fins.

Kelly Slater has claimed his fourth ASP event victory this year at Jeffrey's
Bay, South Africa.
In lumpy surf Kelly rode his FCS signature K-3 fins to beat current world champ Mick Fanning.

"I didn't realize I was going to be overwhelmed by it, but I haven't been in
this position before, at this point of the year, with this many wins,"
Slater said.

Throughout the season Kelly has alternated between his two signature FCS
(the K2.1 & K3) to fine-tune his boards for the conditions and achieve
these incredible victories.

At Snapper Rocks he used the upright K2.1s to match the tight pocket surfing
the point demands. At Bell's he rode the raked back K3s to draw long
powerful arcs around and through the chunky sections. In Fiji Kelly was back
on the K2.1s with blistering down the line speed punctuated by deep tubes
and floaters that flirted with disaster.

Most recently at Jeffery's Bay Slater used the K-3s (combining the
Performance Glass side fins with a Glassflex back fin) to dominate the
field, stitching together series after series of ultra radical maneuvers and
long arching gouges at top speed. His performances are a credit to his
ability, and his understanding of both the waves and his equipment.

As we approach the next event somewhere in Bali the world waits and wonders.
Can he win another? What fins will he ride? Will he win world title number