Kirk Passmore's Last Wave

Still no news from the search for the body of Kirk Passmore, an experienced big-wave surfer who fell on a set wave at Outside Alligator's on Wednesday morning, and has not been seen since. This video footage, shot by Larry Haynes, shows Kirk's final wave and wipeout.

"His father contacted me, he wanted to share his son's last wave with everyone" says filmmaker, Larry Haynes. "He did a great takeoff, he makes the big drop, and as he almost makes it he hits and catches the nose a little bit, and then flies forward."

Chris Ownes, who also witnessed this traumatic scene first hand, paid tribute to Passmore. "Although I barely knew Kirk, he was always respectful and always went out of way to say hi to me. He was a bartender at Banzai Sushi Bar, and was well liked by everyone," said Owens. "No matter what people say about him, like 'he should have had a float vest on',or 'he should've had a bigger board', this good kid died doing something he loved, he died Charging a big beautiful wave. We as fellow big wave surfers, with all the crazy things we all do, should respect it and honour it."