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Kirra Caves - A Quik Pro Preview?

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DO these Kirra caves from the recent swell mean that the Quik Pro could be held here rather than further up the point at Snapper Rocks?

"Surf wise, we're looking at a nice swell around the time the event starts. The issue is the lack of sand built up at Snapper—it's basically a hole right now." That was a quote from 2012, but could easily stand for 2013 as reportedly there's a massive hole in the sandbank. It seems just about this time of year that those in the 'know' engage in the annual game of tapping their nose and saying, "there's no sand there this year, it's f**ked mate".

Who knows if enough sand from the Tweed River bypass will get pumped around in time? What we do know is right this second the forecast looks promising for the waiting period kicking-off on March 2nd.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley