Koa Smith on Nias Wipeout: "I Forgot Where I was"

Jason Lock

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Updated 143d ago

Koa Smith is hands down one of the savviest tube hounds on the planet, credited with potentially riding one of the greatest barrels of all time (see HERE). But yesterday at macking Nias, Koa took a tumble and rammed his head into the reef, “ I forgot where I was but could hear a beautiful song,” he says.

It was Koa's first time at Indo's Nias aka the country's wonder park, and was just getting to grips with the waves there before he took a savage spill.

“I only caught two waves, trying to feel the wave out,” Koa told MSW. “The set popped up and I thought I was in the zone. Ended up being too deep.

“I got exploded and did a front flip. Next thing you know, I was coming to my senses under water and talked myself to the surface and paddled over to the channel. I thought I landed on my board but looked down and saw tiger claws on my arm and back.

“Then my vision started going blurry as I made my way in and a local moped legend gave me a tide home and a couple of the boys that were staying at the same spot cleaned me up. So stoked with all the love and support.”

Koa's right in the mix for one of the strongest swells to hit Indo recently, but will sit some time out after this incident. And also, there's more swell on the way next week. See HERE and stay tuned.